Stop all the ongoing scene with one click?

Hi all, I have an issue with stopping all the scene from playing when I click for example on a button to open a link. What happened is when I click to open a link a disclaimer is showed but my scene is still playing so how could I stop or pause it.
It seems not possible with Coblocks.

I hope the issue is clear.
Thanks in advance.

I think you’re correct - it’s not possible to do anything other than show the disclaimer. I was surprised the link and youtube functions were implemented as events, rather than blocks in their own right, as having separate blocks would provide more flexibility.

@Stefan, are you able to share some of the reasoning around adding these features as events rather than standalone blocks?



Hi @techleapnz,

That’s a good question! We ultimately decided to nest the webpage and YouTube CoBlocks into their own click-events as to prevent misuse of these features, as well as to comply to web browser security standards (e.g. external links should always be opened by active user input, never programmatically). This helps us avoid cases where a user creates code that would, for example, open several hundred tabs.

About your request @tajajtsidi, we’ll look into possibilities for this kind of behavior with our developers. There are certainly use-cases where stopping the scene would make sense, but so are also situations where you’d like to keep background music playing or program behavior to happen in the background while the user is focussing on the YouTube link or opened website.

Kind regards,