Stop an object moving on a path

I hope you’re doing well.
I wonder if there is a way to stop (or pause) a moving object on a path after a certain time, then continue its movement. Actually, I use two paths to perform this but I don’t like this way.
Thank you so much.

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Hi @tajajtsidi,

you can use "stop transition of " CoBlock to stop all movement.
If you use “move on path” CoBlock after it, the object will start moving from the beginning


is there any way to prevents the start from the beginning while using “move on path” so allow to continue from the stop point ?

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You cannot do it from CoBlocks at the moment. You can use typescript moveOnPath function for it. Please, refer to:


I have the same question about stopping the movement of an object on a path. I would like to stop the camera on a path near the end after it has been moving for about 120 seconds. I would like it to pause or stop (no need to restart) near the end of this CoSpaces - CoSpaces Edu :: Arts4All Gilchrist Co Student Art Show.

After the viewer is placed in position to read the billboard on the back wall about Autism, it needs to stop. No need to return to the start and finish around to complete the loop.
Can you please help me with the code.



you could add “Wait 120 seconds” and “Stop transition” blocks to achieve it:
Feel free to remix the updated space:

Thank you! Works perfect.