Student Collaboration in Cospace- moving other avatars

Hi. I am trying to do a class project with everybody in the same space, but the students can change each others avatars, move them, and add many more avatars. Is there a way to keep kids from messing with each others avatars?


CoSpaces doesn’t restrict any users from editing spaces, so they can work together on the same project.

Hi Liz,

Working collaboratively can be challenging for younger students, or particular students, as they are still learning how to be good/kind/responsible team members. I find it useful to let students initially play around, then stop to discuss what worked/what didn’t work, and establish some rules, like:

  1. If you want to move an item which isn’t yours, ask them first
  2. Decide who is going to do what (you may need to help them establish roles) and they need to let the team know once they’ve completed their bit

I’m sure there will be others you can think of, and your students may also have some good ideas for how they can work together effectively.

Sometimes you can divide the grid into squares of different colors and put their names on them; or give them a Scene each.

I do believe, @Nikolay, that the CoSpaces team could possibly assist here, in terms of accountability, by displaying the name of the user who is currently interacting with an Item next to that Item. The most common phrase I hear in group projects is “Who moved the __?” and “Who deleted the ___?”. A live log of actions might be useful?

Hope that helps, Liz! Let me know if you have any further questions.

Geoff @ TechLeap

I agree. I have the students work for at least a day (more if they are younger) in their own world before creating group worlds. We then spend a lot of time on kindness and group work and communication. I teach the students to lock items in place that they dont want moved. I also have them add a character to represent themselves. They use this character to “speak” for themselves, helping them to communicate.
It would be VERY HELPFUL though if it was possible as the teacher to lock the worlds when they are finished. I have had students go in and delete and it’s impossible to know who did it. Very frustrating for all!!


Or you can assign separately and the student can only edit their own avatar.