Student Problem - Switch between 2 lions chasing a player

A lion follows the player and if he collides with the player the player dies. If the player finds the door, the player escapes.

What I want to do is to have 2 lions. The first one follows the player and then a sign shows up warning of a lion behind the player. When the sign shows up the first lion disappears. Basically I am looking to do is to switch between the 2 lions with a sign warning of the switch.

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What’s the question/problem? Where’s the code? Please help the student to clearly define the problem and what they are trying to achieve and why.

The student is trying to create a challenge room to go with this CoSpace (CoSpaces Edu :: Doors of the Haunted Hotel GAME!!!!). The challenge is to ‘arrive’ in the corridor and make your way to the correct door to escape the corridors. You have a stalking creature who is coming towards you (in my example it is a lion, in their “Doors of the Haunted Hotel” it is a monster) but how do you have a stalking creature follow you around?

The student wanted to switch between the one going towards you and the one following you around.


When should the sign appear?

The sign is the signals that the monster is not longer coming towards you but following you. As for timing…around every 10 seconds.

I kind of understand, but I still don’t really get what the student is trying to achieve. When I play the game there is a lion coming towards me from the front, but the student says it should be coming from behind (where I can’t see it).

It is common for students to have grand ideas which are wildly complicated, so I try to get them to strip things back or focus on a single first bit.

I’d encourage you to get the student to separate the different functionality, and write down in a list the steps which should occur, in detail (decomposition).

So, for example, when the students says they want to “switch between the one going towards you and the one following you around”, what does that actually mean, and what steps are needed to make that happen?

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Thank you techleapnz, for the suggestion. The student and I have been having multiple conversations regarding this idea. The scene he is working on is part of a project that has already been shared and him and his partner are not ready to release the new rooms yet. I’m going to be working with him this week and will have him make a duplicate of that particular scene as a practice scene. We’ll try to layer the different event codes and see how it works (or doesn’t work). I’ll circle back and contact you with any problems.

Again, thank you for the help!

Tech Warriors

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