Student projects sort

When I view my class, the default sort is creation date. When I sort by name, the only sort I have ever used, it doesn’t save my choice when I go back. Does anyone else find this annoying? Cam ‘name’ be the default sort or can it remember my choice?

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Yep, this has long been an annoyance, and should be trivial for devs to fix. @CoSpaces_Edu

Isn’t it just a matter of changing the settings on the dropdown list? This is a classic example of programmers writing code for teachers without knowing what we go through daily.

It just requires storing the user’s choice, retrieving it, and sorting via that choice. How this is done depends on the application and the developer’s choice.

It’s a good demonstration for our students, of the importance of empathising with users as part of the design process, so that what we create is fit-for-purpose.

You are so much more eloquent than my frustrated self. Well said.

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