Student Spaces/Anonymity when sharing

I would love to share students’ work to a wider (as wide as possible!) audience. An issue I am running into at the moment is that, as things are currently set up, if their space is shared (unlisted) it displays their name to anyone accessing the link. Other than remix their spaces myself, is there a way, or going to be a way, by which students spaces can be shared to make things anonymous and protect personal information, e.g. changing any publicly shared project without full name - shared as just first name, initials etc.

Thank you!

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Hi @jon,

Thank you for this feature request :slight_smile:

When spaces are shared, only the nickname of a user is displayed. As a current workaround, to protect a student’s personal information, the student is always able to change their nickname under which their spaces are published to a more anonymous one.

This is how the student’s space would be displayed. Note that only the nickname is displayed in shared spaces

Hope this helps your student’s spaces to reach the global CoSpaces Edu community!

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Thank you, @Stefan. I like the workaround. Is there a way I can change usernames on their behalf? Thanks again!

Right now you would have to ask the student to change it while logged in their account