Students can't load the assignment

We already brought 70 seats in our account. Our teacher created a class & assignment for 32 students. But around 10 students can’t load the assignment during the lesson. Please see below photos for your review. How can we solve this problem in next lesson?

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Same issue here. Even though they can load into the assignment, there are some red error boxes. Those models can not be loaded properly. @Simon

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Same issue here. some student can do , but the other students can’t

Hi @ICT_HKMA @Danielneedhelp @mohyunjin11

Thanks for letting us know and bringing this to our attention. We’re really sorry for the disruption this caused to your classes! The issue has been resolved now but our team is looking into it further to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

it happens again now, 5 of 20 students showing the bear couldnt load page, Big issue… @CoSpaces_Edu

Thanks for letting us know! I’m really sorry this disrupted your class once again - our team is currently looking into it.

Apologies once again! We’ll update this again as soon as we have more info.

Hi, we’re having similar issues with half a class trying to log in to both the playground and assignments.

Same issue here at this moment when holding an exam for cospaces. Students keep rebooting devices and swaping between various computers but still cannot access the dedicated playground, either wireless laptops or wired PCs all no good. We have 150+ seats and can only feel frustrated.

Hi everyone! We’re sorry this issue has resurfaced and caused further disruption to you and your students. We know this is unacceptable - we’re currently working on it and hope for it to be resolved asap.

We’ll let you know as soon as we have an update. Once again, we’re truly sorry, but appreciate your patience whilst we figure this out!