Students unable to access Pro even though they display as a user

A number of students are unable to use Pro even though they display on my account as users. They joined a Class that I created using the code and show in that class, but at the top of their screen is a red banner saying that they are not included in a Pro Plan. They are using Surface Pro devices.

I believe it has something to do with them being in a different Pro Plan last year with a different administrator which did indeed expire. How can I reset their devices so that it recognizes the new Pro license and not the expired one?

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Hi, just a simple question ho do they join Cospaces! With an email? Google account?

They sign in with a Google account.

all of in it dude never uh hmm

Hi @Warren_Whitney I’m sorry you and your students have experienced trouble accessing your Pro plan, we’re looking into this for you now!

I believe the students were on the license with a different Admin. I joined the license and was made Admin. All the student accounts set up with the previous Admin were Removed. However, when the previous Admin’s account was deleted (as she had left the district), the student accounts disappeared as well (including those in Removed). Could this affect them trying to join the license again?

I solved the problem. I removed all the students from the Pro license and class. Then I reinstated them. Some students needed this process more than once, but they now all have access.