Suggestions For This Game's Name

So at the moment I’m working on a horror game called Jaws of Death, and I thought the name “Jaws of Death” might be a bit lame.
Any ideas?

Here is an image of the creature that appears in the game:

(I did not mean to rhyme.)

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Thunder Jaws??? or something similar.

I actually really like Jaws of Death. I reckon it’s solid.


What Tobias said. Could you share the game w/ me?

nah i like ‘Flytrap’ or something like that. Something so it relates to something cooler then just ‘DEATH’,

One question. Could you move the jaws up and down?

@tajajtsidi I attached the lower jaw to an ellipsoid and coded it to rotate, so yes, I can.

@James_Mayfield will once I’ve finished it.

@SheepTester That does sound cool, but I’ve already named him Frederick Jawsworth. It’s the game’s title I was thinking I should change.

of then maybe frederick’s mansion or something that includes his name(kinda like five nights at freddy’s)

@SheepTester Frederick’s Wrath, perhaps? It actually takes place in an office. I’ll make a different post with a link to the game once we’ve all settled on a good name for the game.