Suggestions For This Game's Name

So at the moment I’m working on a horror game called Jaws of Death, and I thought the name “Jaws of Death” might be a bit lame.
Any ideas?

Here is an image of the creature that appears in the game:

(I did not mean to rhyme.)

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Thunder Jaws??? or something similar.

I actually really like Jaws of Death. I reckon it’s solid.


What Tobias said. Could you share the game w/ me?

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nah i like ‘Flytrap’ or something like that. Something so it relates to something cooler then just ‘DEATH’,

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One question. Could you move the jaws up and down?

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@tajajtsidi I attached the lower jaw to an ellipsoid and coded it to rotate, so yes, I can.

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@James_Mayfield will once I’ve finished it.

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@SheepTester That does sound cool, but I’ve already named him Frederick Jawsworth. It’s the game’s title I was thinking I should change.

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of then maybe frederick’s mansion or something that includes his name(kinda like five nights at freddy’s)

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@SheepTester Frederick’s Wrath, perhaps? It actually takes place in an office. I’ll make a different post with a link to the game once we’ve all settled on a good name for the game.

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Jaws of Death :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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My students say “death head”.

I am also confused about a game

That does sound cool, but I’ve already named him roblex its right

yes it is Roblox and its music is good


I’ve decided to name the game after the saying “A wolf among the sheep”, (Meaning: A threat amongst several vulnerable people).

I can’t finish the game at the moment as I have several other projects to work on, but here is a link to the game’s demo: CoSpaces Edu :: Jaws of Death (DEMO)

For some reason the new name isn’t appearing yet, but just ignore that.

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Horror stories. ideas cause I am knew

Do you geys have any ideas???