Teacher Accounts/Licences

If I have my own license key but a teacher with a different license key wants to add me to their class as a teacher, how do I go about doing that?

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That’s a tricky one, Mike. You could create a separate account for using the other teacher’s license key - that’s the workaround, as far as I’m aware (though obviously not ideal).

@Coralie, @Stefan, any thoughts on this?

Geoff @ TechLeap

I am a teacher How can I get the trialcode?

Hi @Fusun_Gunyil, I have sent you a direct message with a Trial Code :blush:

Geoff @ TechLeap

The teacher that purchased the Pro Licences has given me the Licence Code, but I am not sure where to enter it. I have watched several demos and read several manuals that say to click “upgrade to pro” in the bottom left corner. However, this button is not on the iOS App version or on the Webversion of CoSpaces when I sign in. I am in Australia, (if that matters). Please help. Thank you.

When you log in on your computer, can you take a screenshot and show me? Happy to help. @Ryan_Wilkinson

Thank you, here is a screenshot @mpage

I was wondering why you do not have what I see on the bottom left. Are you attached to a trial or licence code already?

That looks like you are on a computer right?

Hi Mike, @mpage Interesting question. I asked myself several times. For the monent we resolved with a new account. I will follow tour post and see out for a better solution.

Hey @Ryan_Wilkinson did you have any luck ? Hoping to help.