Teacher accounts

I have set me as teacher and I have purchased accounts for students.

Can I add another teacher in my purchase?
Can I add this teacher as teacher in my class?


Hello, thanks for reaching out.

More teachers can join your license plan by simply entering your activation code on their accounts (see this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYny8mib8sQ)

Teachers can also join your classes but as students, all you need to do is provide them with the invite code to your class. We’re working on many more collaboration tools and will update you when they are implemented.

A second teacher added himself to my existing class, using activation code and then invitation code, but it cannot see students and their students works… this is very important, to have two teachers acting with full rights in the same class (or at least being able to see students works)

Hi Mario, if a teacher joins your class, they join as a student, so they do not have the same viewing rights as the teacher that created the class. Thanks

Is it possible to have 2 teachers in one class. We want to co-teach and both be able to check a students work.

Kind regards.

Hi, the workaround i found was to simply create a new teacher account shared with both the teachers