Teacher role - what does it allow?

hello! i am confused abt the teacher role - added my other user as teacher role.
what can he/she do? seems like can’t access my main cospaces tab and all the projects/folders etc.
thanks for helping advice

CoSpaces Classroom Management
Hi @el2020 :wave: youcan do a lot of things

  1. Create a Classe o a group
  2. Add students to the classe
  3. Assign individual or collaborative tasks
  4. You can remix interesting projects like a Museum, bookreport, from the gallery ready to remix (by individual students or little groups)
  • You can share a CoSpaces which you have create for your students with instructions and everything tou want them to remix or continue
  1. You can give the permission to share / pubblish their work
  2. You can enter in the work off your students and give them feedback or collaborate with them.
  3. You can block your students, momently or delete their accounts.
  4. You can copia their work to your own workspace.
  5. You can add a Co Teacher
  6. When you create a new CoSpaces you have several options ‘templates’ which you and your students can use
  7. Note: with a premium account you have extra Coblocks advanced) which you can activate.
    Good luck!