Teething troubles with basic version

New to Cospaces edu - I tried searching but didn’t find an answer to these…

I have a VR headset for my phone and the switch isn’t working in cospaces (it does in google cardboard) - any idea why?

I’m using basic and the coding only seems to work for 2 objects is that supposed to be the case?

I’m trying to put together something that will show the potential of the package to make the case for funding, so would like to make the most of the basic functions.

Hi Sally,

what VR headset do you use? Also, can you please share the link to your space so we can have a look at your code?


Headset is a Goji Universal VR and link is https://cospac.es/edu/g2wi


Hi Sally,

I think it’s a problem with the code rather with the headset.

You have two coding tabs and you define the “on activate” event listeners in the second one. This means that these event listeners will be applied after the whole code in the first tab has been finished. You should try to set event listeners like “on activate” always at the very beginning of your code to avoid this problem.

To make it work you can move the code from your first coding tab to the second and then delete it. Then you should have one single coding tab with your code like this:

To make all fish swim at the same time you can use the “execute in parallel” block. Then everything should work like intended.

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