Test my pirate battleship game


I didn’t know how much I missed coding until I started digging into CoSpaces. I began this project to challenge myself and have fun.

Please give feedback to it’s playability, features, bugs. I will eventually share as remixable.
Shout out to this community and CoBlocks team for answering my questions. Thank you!

Here’s the space, https://cospac.es/k4RJ


Hi @MrWolken,

Such a fun game! I like the many small interactions you’ve added to the environment which fit the theme of the game :slight_smile:

Here some feedback:

  • Being able to reset the scene helps players getting right back to the fun after they’re running out of cannons (while we’re working on a more convenient reset functionality, check out this solution)
  • Making the collectible cannonballs possible to be found from the perspective of the starting position helps making them more accessible (I did not know that the camera could be moved so I never found the cannon balls until later on)

Super excited to see your next version!


Thanks for the feedback. I like the reset idea.

Did you fire the cannon at the pirate? The camera switches to the pirate’s pov then back. However, the switch doesn’t work right in 360° or VR mode.
Can you look at the code if I send you a remix link?


Received your PM. Happy to give you additional feedback :wink:


HI @MrWolken
cool game but very hard to win.
If you think of disabling camera, then you can also point the gun when the cursor moves.
Looking forward for the version where the sunk ships are shown, i miss that functionality


Bug report: If i shoot into the same cell when the previous cannonball is still flying, something wrong happens.


It does.
I need to use a boolean, varCannonFired.
Set it to True after a shot.
Then False when a hit or miss determined.
Check the value before allowing a shot.