Text not showing up in VR

I have a five scene CoSpace with dozens of uploaded 3D objects. I added a text (number) in front of each object for identification. However, when I view it in VR, none of the numbers show up. Please help! I want kids to vote on their favorite 3D sculpture, but now have no means of them identifying one from the other. Here is the Space:

Hi @Eleanna_Liscombe,

could you please specify on which devices you are trying to view VR?

The numbers show up on my iPhone 11, but not on the Asus Zooms

We cannot reproduce the bug at the moment and we need some more information to investigate this.
Does the space have the Text Fields visible when it is explored on the phone not in VR?
Could you also please check what is the Android version on Asus Zooms?

Thank you for your help!

No, the numbers do not show up on the “thumbnail” before pushing play or in play (non VR) mode.

Android version 6.0.1 on Asus_Z00XS

Eleanna Liscombe
Orchard Farm Middle School

Innovation and Technology

Thank you for the details, we will continue investigation.