The weight of my CoSpaces project

Hi dear CoSpaces and @CoSpaces_Edu I would like to know if there is a possibility to know how the weight (in megabytes) a CoSpaces project in megabytes. I ask this because it’s not always possibile to watch a CoSpaces project using a headset. I would be useful for different reasons to know if there is a limit and when you reach it for using the CoSpace with a headset. Any suggestions?

Hoi @astrid_hulsebosch,

For seeing the size of any webpage (a CoSpace scene included) you can always use the Developer tool.
“Open Developer tools (press Ctrl + Shift + I or F12) on the needed page, switch to the Network tab and reload the page. In the Size column underneath, you’ll see the size of everything loaded.”

As for the size limit - idk, @CoSpaces_Edu team probably knows more. It’s definitely a good thing to keep in mind when creating a CoSpace project.


Hoi Pavlina ( ik zie dat jij nederlandse bent :partying_face: leuk om te weten)
Thank you for your answer. Yes indeed this could be ok. Maybe for children a bit complicated but a good solution

Hi @astrid_hulsebosch

@pavlina is right - we’d also suggest using the Developer tool. It’d provide a rough estimate of how much memory is used but it’s usually a good enough approximation in most cases.

If you have a particular space that doesn’t work on a headset you can send us a link and we can take a look at how to best optimize it for you. :slight_smile:

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