This Topic is for anyone who needs help with CoBlock code

Anyone who needs help with CoBlocks should post their queries here. I am happy to help.


i need help with coding a deer and a bottle and 2 glass

ok what will these things do?

i want the dear to do siting and standing animation and the bottle and the 2 glass to be pick’t up

ok ill try to do that

thank you so so much

Picked up by what. Do you have any other details? Cuz there is not much to work with,sorry

oh yea and it’s ok. so the dear gos in to a siting position when you put/touch and then it’ll stand when you stop put/touching the dear. The bottle and glass’s you are able to pick up and if you put the bottle upside down liquid will pour and if you take the glass’s and put it under the bottle they will fill up.

I need help to make code where when you click a object spawns there