To divide a cylinder into independent sectors

How to divide a cylinder (or a circle) into independent sectors, as if you were making shares in a cake?
I wish I could choose the number of sectors (same size) and arrange them as in the picture below.
Daniel Pers, STEM teacher in France


Hi @Daniel_Pers,

we noticed some functionality missing in our Tube-Item to make this sector division possible. We’ve added the missing methods and will release them with our next update.

We’ll share the complete script once it is available for our users :slight_smile:

Here’s how the creation of the cylinder looks like in our testing environment. This one is created with following parameters:

segments: 30
radius: 0.5
height: 1
colors: blue, yellow



Hi Stefan,
Thanks for these informations. Unfortunately this method will only be used on the web version. I wish I could use it on an ipad.
But how can I arrange each sector as in the picture (to form a rectangle)?

Hi @Daniel_Pers,

do you have other use-cases next to the rectangle shape in mind? The methods used above could be added to CoBlocks, but to get a good overview of what else you may need it would be good to hear of the different ways you’d like to use these shapes :slight_smile:

What I would like is independent sectors (one object per sector). If the sectors are independent, I could assemble them to form a cylinder, or a rectangle (approximatively).