Train wheel issue

I am trying to make train wheels that can go around corners but they do something really weird. They move in the opposite direction that they spin. (I made them wood so you can tell which way they’re rotating) and they don’t move very fast despite the fact I have to code set the friction of the wheels and track to 500 from the start.
Help please?

Here is the link: CoSpaces Edu: Make AR & VR in the classroom
(Ignore the thing in the back that is another test)
I won’t change the cospace until I get a response in case I mess something up
I also plan on making the wheels smaller in advance

Hi @Jonah_Dallaire1,

The link you’ve provided is a link to your private CoSpace. Please watch the following video on how to correctly share your CoSpace:

Geof @ TechLeap

I redesigned the wheels and they work better now!