Transfer from maker to edu

For some reason when I try to “make a cospaces edu account” from my maker account, it does not import my “spaces” into the edu account.

Thanks for reaching out! We will have a look. Can you please send your login informations (email + username) for both accounts (maker + edu) to

Thank you!

I think this may have been asked before, so sorry for asking again. :-/
We have some students who made worlds using Maker before knowing the iOS app went down. They want to view the worlds in VR and only have iPads and primarily iPhones. Is there a way to import their worlds into EDU from Maker?

Yes, the spaces will be transferred if they create the CoSpaces Edu account directly from their CoSpaces Maker account.


How do we have an account in cospaces maker , before I used to login to cospaces maker from my gmail , but now I can’t , always told me that I am not registered

Since you’ve merged your Maker account into CoSpaces Edu you can only use CoSpaces Edu now.

Hi Pavel
thank you for your responce but really I used to learn a lot from cospaces maker especially blockly coding and it was very helpful .
I feel very sorry to lose that and I hope to come back soon.
my greetings