Transfer objects between scenesusing coespace properties?

Hello there!

I’m trying to put objects as properties of co-spaces between screens (for instance; a casual boy with a hat attached), but I can’t get it to show up on the next screen where I want to use it again.

I can’t have the boy in that scene because I want him to come from a previous screen with the hat already attached.

Is there any way to do this today in the application?

Is it only possible to use the coespace properties to increment or decrement a variable with a number?

I hope someone can please help me please,

Thank you very much and good day,

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Hi @Stark, as you said objects can’t be added as cospace properties; However you can make copies of an item, give each a unique name and add them into both scene’s while retaining their names, then setting a cospace property with the name of the object to check which one you should use in the next scene; Using the “get item” block and using your cospace property as the name to get the right copy in the next scene.
Or atleast that is how I’ve done it for my game.
Here’s a mockup, when you click the boy you will be tranferred to the next scene and the correct version of him will be displayed;

Hope to have helped!