Transferring former CoSpaces Account and its content to CoSpaces Edu

I used CoSpaces a few months ago to create Virtual Reality content to use in the classroom and evaluate the response of pupils. Now Cospaces was changed to Cospaces Edu and I wanted to ask if there is any possibillity to transfer a former Cospaces Account with all its content to a CoSpaces Edu Account? Additionally I wanted to know what it costs to create content and have an Edu Account?
I am looking forward to your response and thank you very much for your help.

Hi David,

As for the first part of your request, we’d really like to help you, but we won’t be able to. There was a chance to transfer Maker spaces into CoSpaces Edu, but only before May 25, 2018. That was the date when CoSpaces Maker closed down and in accordance with the new GDPR regulations we were legally forced to delete everything we had (user data, spaces, etc.). We are really sorry for the lost work!

In connection with CoSpaces Edu plans you can find all necessary information here:
You can also get answers for your questions at where we can prepare you a quote, if needed.

Hope this helps.
Thanks and regards!