Trial license has expired

I created a teacher account with the Trial PRO version. The expiration date was yesterday, however yesterday I was no longer able to edit my students’ projects. Given that the students had not yet finished what they were developing, is there any way to recover the projects or extend the Trial license? There are 9 groups that lost their jobs…

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Hi @Andreia_Quintal1

If your Pro trial has expired, it’ll no longer be possible to edit CoSpaces created using Pro features, but they’ll still be viewable.

You’ll need to purchase a Pro account to continue editing and using Pro features. Their CoSpaces and progress will still be available once they have access to Pro :slight_smile:

Hi How Can I Get Admin Because it Expired And I Tryed To Buy It so that I Can Create Cool Things And Show It To My Students However Can i Get it? maybe U can Give me it Because I Already Bought it Somhow??? i Didnt Get It

Hi @Mootje_Arroud if you’ve purchased CoSpaces Edu Pro but are having trouble accessing it, please drop our support team an email at and we’ll be happy to help you gain access :slight_smile: