Trouble with Collide Code

I’m have a student working on a parkour map and he’s trying to have the game change scenes based on what wall the camera collides with.

Here is his space (specifically Scene 3): You can remix to see the code

Here is the code he’s working with:

Please take a look at another thread to see how event handlers work in CoSpaces. The most important there is that only one event handler of a given type can be active at the same time on a given item. You can find a workaround for this in the thread linked above as well (one of them is using single “when collides with” block with “if-else” statement inside).

And btw there is no need to put these blocks inside “run parallel” and “forever” blocks.

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Thank you, @Pavel! I’m going to share this with the student and I’ll let you know what he decides to do! Thanks again for your help!