Trying to copy an item and also code it at the same time

So, I am trying to make a game where you have to fight zombies and get better swords/weapons. I want it so that the copied zombies will follow me, but i’ve tried everything to copy them
whilst having them follow me using Coblocks, and yet nothing’s working. Help wanted!

Hi @grahaml , you can reference a copy of an item by assigning it to a variable when copying; That way you can access it through your code. You could then also add it to a list so on and so forth;

Sorry, and I’m not trying to be mean, but that makes it so that it moves forward, but it’s not really following me. They follow me using what’s shown below, but you can’t have 6 “forever loops” running at the same time. That causes it to not follow me at all. Is there a better way? :grimacing:Cospaces: Zombie Project

Hi @grahaml, the link you shared is for your editor, not a public link. You will need to click the Share button within the editor to create a public link.

Is your problem in the making of zombies, or in the following of you? If it’s in the following, you could use the code in CoSpaces Edu :: Zombie follow Camera (with collision)

Hope that helps!

Use the “run sperately block” this allows code to run as a seperate instance and therefor allow multiple characters in a forever loop.

This is a game i made that is of a similar idea for if you want some code reference on how to do things: