Uncategorised Scavenger Hunt Of Different Items With Timer

Here it is. :hugs:

Ok, so one of the problems with the timer is that you have several competing codes in different tabs. If you don’t want to remove your old code, you can select it, right-click, and disable it.

The next big issue is that your list isn’t currently initialised - the oblong shape means it is a value. There are 2 ways to set up a list:

  1. Create Empty List & Add

  2. Set variable to Create list

Can you see which one you need to use?

@techleapnz, i was wondering if U could share a remixed version of the code, 4 I am not sure what to disable, and what tab 2 put the code in. Thanks!
Kind Regards, Sebastian Bailey

P.S - Happy Holidays! :smile:

If you can answer my question above, I will share my remixed version.