Under 13 accounts

Hi- Your policy says data is collected on students. I use cospaces and LOVE it with my elementary students. My school won’t let me use it anymore if data is collected on children under 13. We have school accounts for all of our kids that we bought last year, but I won’t be able to use them. Is there a way to change the policy aggreement? Can you make an under 13 policy? Please help! I don’t want to stop using cospaces!

Hi Mary Beth,
The only information we currently collect from students is their username and password for their account, as well as their age, since depending on the age, they themselves or their teacher needs to agree to our Terms of Use. It’d be great if you could send us an email (to support@cospaces.io) and let us know exactly what part of our Privacy Policy your school has an issue with. We would hate it if you needed to stop using CoSpaces Edu because of this and would love to find a solution with you!
Here is our Privacy Policy for your reference: https://cospaces.io/edu/privacy-policy.html