Understanding planes in CoSpace


I am trying to duplicate the game tutorial and according to the tutorial I need a flat area for my player (camera) to land on. I created a cuboid turned into a flat surface under my game elements, and moved the game elements above the “reset surface”. However, the I can’t move the camera up to match my other elements. In other words the camera’s blue circle is on the same plane as the reset surface and I want to raise the blue circle so that it matches my platforms plane.

How can I do this? I can raise and lower the camera, but the blue circle does not raise with it.
Link for Tutorial is:

See Tutorial at 3:20 for the ResetArea
Thanks for your help!

Hello @TNesler!

Don’t worry, the blue circle always stays on the ground. Just move your camera a bit above your elements and hit play to see if you will land on the elements. Let me know if it worked! :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delayed response. No, it did not help the problem. No matter how high I placed the camera, when I ran play, it dropped down to the lower level…:frowning:

As you can see the red platform is below the platforms I want to jump on.

Hey @TNesler!

Can you please share the space so we can have a look at it? Thank you! :slight_smile:

How do I do this? (Share my game?) I don’t see an obvious sharing button or property.


Here’s how a quick guide to get the share link :


Hello again!

Here is my “problem game”

Sorry for the slow responses. I encounter problems with my environment and then it takes me a while to test your suggestions and respond back.

the reason the camera is falling is that there is no planes under it. You can see it if you rotate the camera in editor mode and see the area from the side.

If you enlarge the plane under the camera or move the camera forward, it will work as expected: