Uploaded video is black

I recently created a space that includes a couple of mp3 files and 5 videos. I had downloaded the videos from Youtube and since they were up to 32MB I compressed them. Turns out, after that, they played fine on my PC but once in CoSpaces 4 out of 5 remained black and I could only hear the sound. When I tried importing the originals, everything worked. But the space was then way bigger, took a long time to load and on the Go it buffers so much, the video won’t play fluently.
What to do?
@CoSpaces team: would it be possible for you to include an engine that compresses videos when uploading them so they have the right codecs?

Hi @petiteprof79,

Would it be possible to share the video via PM? We’d like to take a look at it and see what’s wrong with it :slight_smile: