[Urgent] Cannot Access 'Class' Menu

Currently, it is not possible to access the ‘Class’ menu anywhere in Korea.

The ‘Login’, ‘Gallery’, and ‘Cospaces (for Teacher’) menus are accessed normally.

However, when I click the ‘Class’ menu, only the ‘Loading’ message appears and I cannot connect.

Currently, Cospaces classes are not available in all schools in Korea. Request a quick response.

We are having the same problem in Australia.

Now I can access the ‘Class’ menu again.

This connection failure occurred exactly between 3 and 4 am German time.

I’m guessing that this error is caused by the scheduled server management.

For just one hour, classes using Cospaces stopped at Korean schools.

If you anticipate a server error like this, please let us know in advance.

This is a good point to show in the app @CoSpaces_Edu, show in the web and app a text anticipating the server stops, because for some places can be stopped during the classes schedule.

Thank you!! :slight_smile: