Urgent! IOS app crash problem

Hello, I currently have a VR project with one scene only. I have realised that the app crashes every time when I try to open my cospaces(HJG-MUC). I cannot use it via iphone, but can use it via ardroid smartphone and desktop browser. Is there a way to solve this issue? Thanks.

cospaces link

Hi @ACS,

your scene contains a lot of heavy images. Your iphone doesn’t have enough memory to handle this.

Please, follow the instructions in the following tutorial:

It will improve load time and reduce lagging on all devices

Hi, same situation here. I tried different IOS device (ipad, iphone 12 pro max), but still cannot open my cospaces (CBR-UXB). But it works on android or desktop browser.
any way to solve it?
We will present the cospaces by an iPad.
Many thanks

Hi @Kelvin_Chun,

It looks like your space is using a lot of texture memory over (2.2 gigabytes). This high memory requirement can cause mobile devices to crash. Sadly, this is making the space unstable for mobile devices.

To fix this issue, you have to remove some of the complex items in your scene. In your particular case, there are many invisible “bear” items that could be removed to significantly improve the performance of your space.

I will send you a PM about other improvements related to your space shortly.

Hope that helps!