Username change

Currently it seems it’s not possible to change the username from the Preferences page… however, is it possible to submit a request to the team for the change, without losing achievements, spaces, classes, students and all the rest?


Hey Mario,

Are you trying to change your email login or your name that is displayed when you click on your account?


CoSpaces Ninja Ambassador

Hi Adam,
the username. All the others can already be modified.

In fact, in the Preferences > Account page the fields are:

Username (People can mention you as @username, and i would like to change this)
Name (can already be modified)
Email (can already be modified)
Password (can already be modified)
Profile Picture (can already be modified)
Title (can already be modified)

Of course, i would like to change the username, without losing achievements, spaces, classes, students and all the rest


It is possible to change username, it works the same way as changing email or name. Just click on a pencil icon to edit it. What are exact issues you are facing?

Hi Pavel,
no pencil icon close to username; nor username is in a text box likethe Name field


Hah, so you were talking about forum, not CoSpaces Edu application.

Forums indeed allow you to change your username only during the first three days since registration.

ah, ok. I see… sorry for misleading… i think it’s more important being able to change the username in the forum, rather than in the application (where it’s possible), since in the forum the username it’s public and widely used as the reference for the author of topics and replies.
But it isn’t something with a high priority, i guess… :slight_smile:


You can post your new desired username here in the thread or send it to me in a private message and we will update it for you. But if you have any @mentions here on forums with your old username they won’t be updated.

Also this username change won’t affect your account in CoSpaces Edu application anyhow.