Vampire Hunter 2.0 Release

Hello everybody!

After alot of work I’m happy (and slightly relieved) to release the big update for my game Vampire Hunter, it comes with a new shop scene, 25 weapons (and 1 hidden one) each with unique effects, 19 animated shopkeeper interactions, an options menu for optimizations (so that lag may be a reduced on certain devices), three damage-based status effects; Fire, Frost and Poison, and an all new “Ghost” ability!

I won’t update this thread to much so as not to spam the forums, but figured I’d make it for if anybody who would want to leave feedback and/or bug reports.

Anyhow I hope you enjoy!


This game seems to be so cool, one of the best project I played in CoSpaces. This is simply amazing.


Thank you Alessio! Also your minimap idea came in very usefull; It really changed the gameplay alot!, albeit a little laggy sometimes.


Hi @Luc!

Amazing game! I tried to make a game similar to this a few years ago but made it too complicated from the start and had to move on… Very nice layout and mechanics, however, I think you should add a “click to continue” feature during speech such as the intro so that players will have an easier time reading dialogue at their own pace. I also think adding a keybind to swing the weapon would be helpful as people playing this game on a computer with no mouse will have a difficult time clicking the axe and looking around at the same time. (For example, chromebooks with no touchscreen)

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the helpfull feedback @Bladebob20000 !,
I’ve immediately implemented the attack using the keyboard (can now be done by pressing “r”), this will be very usefull for those who play without mouse!
The click to continue feature was originally what I had planned for the interactions aswell, and it might be a good idea to have feature present only in the introduction, as I originally felt it would make the random interactions too slow; I might end up implementing this in the future.

Again many thanks!