Versatile character

Hello. I am a Korean reseller partner.

Many students want to import animated 3d characters.
But it’s a problem that hasn’t been solved for years.
So I thought of an alternative.

I request you to add a ‘Stickman’ character object to the library.

A ‘Stickman’ consists entirely of sticks and has many ‘attach’ points.
So users can design the body using ‘building’ blocks and ‘attach’ function.
Or they can import other 3D model parts and attach them to the stick.

And this character can apply existing animations (run, dance… etc).

Like the ‘Blue’ character in ‘Roblox rainbow friends’.

The character above is something I made temporarily.

This ‘Blue’ character can either jump or dance. If the body of the original character was made of a stick, it would perfectly imitate ‘Blue’.

If this character is created, students’ creativity will be doubled.
I really hope for the release of this character!



The format they support for animated objects are .fbx so did you use that format?

No. Even if the file type is animated fbx, it is not animated in cospaces.

So I came up with an idea to solve this problem by attaching the 3d model to the animated character in the library.

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This might be tricky but you could use code to rotate the character like waving hands or use path to make movements like lifting arms this requires a model which has all body parts separated we will find a way to fix this soon thank you for reporting this

This is a simple template of a self-animated movment character that i made time ago.
Hope it helps!