Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

I am looking to do some VR and AR with my students next year. I would like my students to create as much as possible and I am looking at using CoSpaces to have them create some projects.

Is CoSpaces the best VR/AR site out there for 7/8 grade students or is there something else that would let them be as creative as possible?


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Any Updates???

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Hi, Dave!

In my honest opinion I think CoSpaces Edu is one of the easiest AR/VR creation tools for classrooms on the market. It’s very intuitive and quick for students to learn. But it has enough flexibility and tools that allow students to make very complex experiences.

Check out some resources and projects ideas here:

Hi Michael,

I had a look at your website. Thank you for sharing so many useful resources. Is it possible to create a model and superimpose it on the real world (without using the MERGE cube?)

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Yes, that is possible!

You can create the model in CoSpaces. Then, with a mobile device that is AR compatible, you can choose AR mode in CoSpaces to superimpose the model in your real environment.