VR Headsets in Schools (that let you intereact with projects) PICO?

Hi there,

Up until now, I have used mobile VR headsets for students to view their games. We drilled a hole through the base so a finger could be used on the screen to click and move (unfortunately I hadn’t found a solution for jumping.)

Unfortunately, phones are now banned in our school so am I looking for another option.

I am aware of the ClassroomVR but am put off that the projects can be viewed only and not interacted with (and they are very expensive.)

I am looking into purchasing a few PICO 4 Headsets. Can anyone confirm whether these currently work or have issues with CoSpaces? Any other issues with use in schools?

I would like to know if it’ll work before investing!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Looking to buy a Pico headset. Any info on how the controllers work and any issues will be greatly appreciated.

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I have just ordered a Pico 4 Enterprise so I can let you know once it arrives and we test it out!

That would be amazing, thank you! It looks like the PICO 3’s worked and now don’t work which would be so disappointing.

We are using meta quest 2 for students, as the newer version coming, the price of quest 2 is good currently.

Thanks for that, I have found a stockist for them, which is more affordable than PICO.

My worry with any of them is purchasing and not working later down the track (as I have seen is the case with some hardware discussed in these threads!)

Will Meta Quest 2 still work once 3 is up and running… I might have to take the risk!

Hi there. We have our Pico 4 Enterprise now and it is easy for the kiddos to see their CoSpaces on it. We are just working out how to jump but it definitely works with Cospaces so that’s great.

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Thats’s great.

Have you finally found ou, how it works to jump with the Pico 4?

You can jump using the A button on the right controller or the X button on the left controller on both PICO and Meta :slight_smile:

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