VR Tours-Viewing-

Students created VR tours of their National Parks. They allowed sharing and we used the share code to view. However, when viewing they were not able to see many items they had added to the touyr from the Cospaces library-like people. It showed as a large X. Can someone please help me troubleshoot? They spent alot of time on their tour and were excited to view but disappointed they could not see items.

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What kind of headsets are you using?

We are viewing on Android phones with Cospaces app.

Sorry wish I could help. I do not use that platform.

@Kate_McCarron can you share an example CoSpace with us so that we can take a look for you?

Did you try loading the CoSpace on a different device to see if the same problem happens?

Thank you for that troubleshooting idea. It works fine on my personal phone which is newer than the 6 year old androids we are using at school. I wonder if the app needs to be updated or if the phones are just too old…Thank you for your help. It is much appreciated!

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Updating the app on the device is a good place to start. Let us know if that works for you!

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Thank you-I updated the app but still the X appears for any objects from the library. Thanks so much for helping me troubleshoot.

Hi @Kate_McCarron If your students are using older android devices (Android 7.1 and older) this could mean that the root certificates needed for everything to function properly are missing and they’ll need the certificates on their android devices to be updated.

This can be done by following instructions from this page How-to install a root certificate on Android 6.0 devices? – Geolantis.360 Knowledgebase

Hope this helps!