Welcome to CoSpaces - Benvenuti in CoSpaces (italian version)

Welcome in CoSpaces ( italian version)
I found the CoSpaces welcome very interesting and useful to introduce CoSpaces to my students so I created an italian version. I hope will be an useful tutorial also for the italian CoSpacers ( feel free to copy, remix and share).

@Profdavid71 @Francesco_Piccolo @Giuseppe_Schiuma @romynit45 @Bettananni @Daniix @Marilena_Ferraro @maria_rita_manzoni1 @Stefan

PS: I linked also the shortcuts sheet in the introduction


Hi, it’s very useful for our students! Thank you @astrid_hulsebosch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks Giuseppe,I created thuis a year ago, republished in these days with the attached shortcut & controll sheet

PS: ho scritto in inglese per rispetto verso gli altri membri della piattaforma

Thank you @astrid_hulsebosch :hugs:

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