Welcome to the new CoSpaces Edu forum!

Welcome to the CoSpaces Edu forum!

This is where our community gathers to share best practices, discuss new features and learn more about the various tools in CoSpaces Edu.

Everyone is welcome to ask questions, leave comments and provide feedback. Please be precise, appropriate and polite to fellow members.
Before you post a question, it’s always a good idea to first do a quick search as someone may already have answered it on the forum.

It is strictly forbidden to post ads or spam on this forum. Any inappropriate post will be immediately removed.

The forum is divided into some key topics to help you easily navigate it. You’ll find generic FAQs, some related more complex topics like coding, as well as product updates and announcements. We’ll also keep you updated with general messages to the community, such as tips from the CoSpaces Edu team.

If you’re looking for help, technical support or just want to connect with the community, then you’re in the right place!

We recommend you take a look at our forum rules and guidelines.