What does the new "Magic zone" do in the CoSpaces editor?

I really appreciate the new things that they added cool new things in the latest update, and I noticed that there was an invisible box called the “magic zone” that doesn’t seem to do anything. Does anyone know what it does? Is it like a sort of trigger point?


@Stefan will surely explain us. I’m interested too

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Hey @Thermal_Laboratories and @astrid_hulsebosch!

You can now find environment effects in the “Environment” tab. Activate an effect and add the magic box to your scene and you will see what it does :slight_smile:


Am I doing something wrong? I added the “magic zone” box and activated rain, etc. Nothing that I can see. I thought maybe the “magic zone,” is protection from the effects, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

What is it?

This Magic Zone + Effects should be the next Friday Feature! (@Coralie @Tamara.Koehler )

Here’s a couple of scenes with examples: CoSpaces Edu :: Magic No-effect Zone

Thanks for clarifying @Simon!


when you do an effect like rain or snow and you go into the magic zone the rain or snow stops and doesn’t show but when you exit the magic zone the rain or snow continues. This works for any effect

The magic zone only hides the effect into the box, not the effect outside.