What does the new "Magic zone" do in the CoSpaces editor?

I really appreciate the new things that they added cool new things in the latest update, and I noticed that there was an invisible box called the “magic zone” that doesn’t seem to do anything. Does anyone know what it does? Is it like a sort of trigger point?


@Stefan will surely explain us. I’m interested too

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Hey @Thermal_Laboratories and @astrid_hulsebosch!

You can now find environment effects in the “Environment” tab. Activate an effect and add the magic box to your scene and you will see what it does :slight_smile:


Am I doing something wrong? I added the “magic zone” box and activated rain, etc. Nothing that I can see. I thought maybe the “magic zone,” is protection from the effects, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

What is it?

This Magic Zone + Effects should be the next Friday Feature! (@Coralie @Tamara.Koehler )

Here’s a couple of scenes with examples: CoSpaces Edu :: Magic No-effect Zone

Thanks for clarifying @Simon!