What is the best VR headset / HMD option for CoSpaces (having issues with jumping)?

I am considering an investment as I have a lot of students interested in taking CoSpaces to the next level. What are the best HMD options for students who are interested in using CoSpaces and testing, experiencing and playing each others creations in actual VR? I have a Merge VR drop in HMD, Oculus Quest 2, and old HTC Vive. So far, I am seeing limitations with jumping across the board. Merge VR - Stereoscopic view has no jump icon or click interaction for jump, essentially the same problem with Oculus, and the Vive is discontinued and I am having trouble finding a browser for it. Being able to Jump is a pretty essential piece of functionality in VR. Any suggestions?

Interesting question Kevin. I’ curious, maybe @EdTechnocation has a good suggestion.

It comes down to game controller API support, which, in WebXR, is currently limited (see WebXR Gamepads Module - Level 1 ).

I’m sure the team could implement something for Quest - the most popular 6DoF headset - but they’d need a clear signal from customers that this is a much-needed feature.

Locomotion, especially jumps, in VR is difficult to do well, and often needs extra design to prevent motion sickness. When you’re getting into that level of detail, it’s probably time to step up into Playcanvas/Unreal/Unity.

Most of my students appreciated and enjoyed having the opportunity to try out VR, but weren’t interested after the initial experience, and preferred to view/build for their computer.

Building/designing for VR is a whole different ball-game, more of a specialisation than most people realise. I’ve yet to see it taken seriously in CoSpaces.

My 2 cents.

Geoff @ TechLeap


Geoff has the best answer here! I have really put much effort is creating CoSpaces for VR headsets specifically. We mainly work on iPads or computers and stick to those devices for viewing as well.

Here is the CoSpaces Edu VR FAQs: https://cospaces.io/edu/faqs.html#vr

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I did some student/client development for the USS Midway in CoSpaces AR and I would love to see it taken to the next level in VR with future projects, but I agree, Unity would be better for that, although it is a monster to take on, and although there are thousands of videos, I would need a strong course rooted in how to teach unity, not just learn commands, conditionals and variables. I feel like CoSpaces is going to see a lot of Oculus purchases and disappointment this fall if they don’t build this jump feature in, as navigation can be really challenging without it. Hope it gets picked up and is on their radar. They have refurbished Oculus 2 now for $250, that is an insane price point!

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That link is just routing to the forum, can you try and resend the link to the specific discussion?

That’s strange. It takes me to the CoSpaces website FAQ page. Does this link work: CoSpaces Edu support FAQs? Maybe try copy/paste it into another tab.

I am checking out PlayCanvas and I like what I see so far. Do you have any examples of projects you have done with PlayCanvas? If you have any learning resources or other suggestions, i am about to div into YouTube.