Which glasses do you recommend for Cospaces?

I am repeatedly asked which glasses to buy to use for Cospaces. And as I don’t have several glasses I want to forward this question to you.

For me there are several use cases.
1. Using existing Android and Apple Smartphones with VR-cases.
Someone from the Cospaces team recommended the “Merge VR headset” to me because it was sturdy, gave the option for AR because of the camera hole and especially because of the two buttons.
I also found the cheap YEMENREN Virtual Reality Headset (or similar) which does not have a button but comes paired with an extra bluetooth controller. I did not test ist but read reviews that the bluetooth controller does not work with iOS devices. :pleading_face:

2. Stand alone VR Glasses
Obviously these are much more expensive. Oculus Go seems to be a possibility here. Can you recommend another one. Very important to me is the possibility to use at least one button.

What do you use and can recommend?


How can I use co spaces with oculus go unit

Hi Uli,

Thanks for your message!

You are correct, you have these two choices when looking for a VR-viewer: either you use Android/iOS smart phones in cardboard viewers or you opt for standalone headsets.

In case of phones you need to pay attention to some minimal requirements:
Android: The CoSpaces Edu App runs on Android 4.4 and higher. In order to experience CoSpaces Edu spaces in VR, AR or gyroscope mode your Android device must have a built-in gyroscope sensor.
iOS: The CoSpaces Edu App runs on iOS 8 and higher.
In order to experience CoSpaces Edu spaces in VR, AR or gyroscope mode your iOS device must have a built-in gyroscope sensor.

In connection with standalone headsets, you can always find the updated list of supported devices here. We regularly test the supported devices with CoSpaces Edu. However, based on recommendations from co-educators you might find other headsets that work with it, but it’s important to note that updates on our or on hardware provider’s end can change this.

If you need anything else, we’re happy to help!

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Hi Victoria,
thank you for your answer and the useful link!

But I would still need some info. If I want to buy a “cardboard” viewer Stefan from your team told me that a “button” would be super important. So which cardboard viewer are you recommending? Or do you know an extra bluetooth controller which works on current iOS and Android devices and is compatible with Cospaces?

Was an answer to this received? I’m looking to buy cardboard glasses for my students, and am hoping to get ones that work well (eg. making sure a button is included). Thanks.