Why i cant edit the worlds?

i am a teacher and i want to build worlds for my students…
how can i do it?
can i buy an account?



Hi @Nytech_Education,

Looks like you converted your teacher account to a student account once your CoSpaces Edu Pro trial ran out. We made you a teacher again, so you should be able to create and edit new spaces :slight_smile:

Please keep in mind that all spaces you made during your CoSpaces Edu Pro trial can only be played, not edited, while you have a Basic subscription.

To upgrade to Pro, please log in to https://edu.cospaces.io/ to and visit https://cospaces.io/edu/checkout/

Thank you
This program its for free or not?

Hi @Nytech_Education!

You are using the CoSpaces Edu Basic license, which is free :slight_smile:

You can find out more about the differences between CoSpaces Edu Basic and CoSpaces Edu Pro here: