Windows Paint 3D objects with texture

Hi, I see afew threads on importing 3D objects in the forums. In one there is a suggestion that CoSpaces will work on being able to import objects from Paint 3D. Has anything been done in this area since? I can export from Paint 3D but only as *.glb or *.3mf now. I have tried using 3D Builder, however it seems to crash and this also seems to be a known issue. I considered using Blender but that is a lot of learning to just get a texture on an asset!
With the loss of Google Poly can there be some sort of connection between Paint 3D and CoSpaces - there are so many good objects in there!
This needs to be something students can do easily to increase their range of available assets.
Any help wopuld be appreciated.

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Hi, You can use to build you 3D objects. They are compatible with Cospaces Edu Platform.


Hi @Roy_Anderson,

You can use online conversion tools to transform your .glb files to .FBX or .obj+.mtl

Support for .glb files had been requested in the past, and I can see that I’ve responded to a similar request with “use Blender to convert to obj+mtl”.

Alternatively, you can try TinkerCAD as mentioned above.

Hope that helps!

Geoff @ TechLeap

Can you please link an example of .glb.

Im looking for an example of glb file from Paint 3D.

@techleapnz, i will try this one as well, thanks

Hi, I tried but got the message “this file is not supported”. They are large files that come directly from Paint 3D a Windows app that is already in Windows 10. If you open the app, select “New” them from the top menus “3D Library”, choose any asset. Then “Menu”, “Save as”, “3DModel” - there are two options only *.glb or *.3mf. Have tried several options for converting/importing but keep losing the textures.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the example .glb files so far. We’ll be taking a look at them internally and let you know if there are updates regarding support for this file format in the future :slight_smile:

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I am haveing the same issue, I am trying to pull a glb file from minecraft into cospaces but it wont accept the file type. If I convert to fbx or obj I lose the textures. File link here