Can the base size be changed?

Is there a way to change the grid base for larger worlds?


Many of my students have asked me the same question. Right now the only work around I have been able to come up with is having them scale down all of their objects. Not ideal, but workable.


Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to change the size of the building space.

I have the same question, especially for self uploaded 360 image. I was wondering if we could change size of the ground file? Thank you for your help.

I really want to make the grid BIGGER. you should tell the makers of cospaces to make everybody able to make bigger

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Hi @Quintin_SIME,

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve forwarded your request to be able to adjust the size of the building grid to our team :slight_smile:

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Was there any update on how to increase the size of the building grid/world? I couldn’t find any newer information

No update on this, but I think the best solution that I give my students is to scale everything down and make it smaller. That would give them more space to build.

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See Feature request: Able to change the size of your cospaces/grid - #2 by techleapnz for an example of how to scale down with the camera attached to a helper object.

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How many squares are in the original grid

It depends on your snapping size, as to the number of squares. If you want to know the number of whole units, set your unit size to 1, count the number of squares along one side, then square that number.

I agree, the size is really small for projects - especially collaborative ones.
We are working on the solar system - I had them build - up…as in try to make “layers” to add the illusion of distance…

CoSpace Folks, Please consider allowing increased building space :slight_smile: