Exporting issues


i’m having trouble exporting 3d files from blender and importing them into cospaces. the OBJ file uploads, but not the MTL file. attached are the files, it would be amazing if someone could fix them for me :slight_smile:

firstfilm.zip (618.5 KB)

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@Giuseppe_Schiuma is an expext in these things. If he can help you I sure he will. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:. Troubles with 3D objects

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Hi @cdhr, I need the following files to fix because they are not into the zip file:
Please send them here.


ps. thank you @astrid_hulsebosch for the “expert” :kissing_heart:

hey, thank you for the reply

i’m very new to blender and cospaces, so i am unsure which files these would be

if you can tell me a location/where to find them, that would be great! i apologize for the trouble.

thank you

hello, for what I see the path where you can find these images is the following:
D:\3D Çalışmaları\Maya Çalışmalar\Halat\texture\Metal_c.jpg

You could save the textures also in Blender 3D within UV editor panel:

Hope this helps,