Feature Request: Higher Frames per second

So I recently imported my DMR asset into my game with code and played it. The game lagged really bad when pressing buttons in the game or getting close to the DMR. Can there be a higher frames option or boosted performance for cospaces?

Here’s the link to the game btw

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Hi @Blazifying,

Fantastic project & coding. I’ve remixed your FPS code straight into a separate project in the Gallery, as I think this would be really useful for advanced students.

Have you been able to isolate what is causing the lag? Remember every element in the game will be having some impact on this. Try disabling code to isolate the cause.

Another approach is to implement some code using Scripting, to see if it runs smoother. The Ice Skating game is a good example of coding with Scripting:

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions about this.

Geoff @ TechLeap

Yeah, I have tried using scripting which is not exactly something I’m good at, but I’ll give it a try.

I think that the DMR itself and the code for the temperature and core integrity are what make the game lag. I will see if I could optimize it though. I don’t think I can do anything about the DMR for optimization.

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There’s some very cool things you can do with Scripting which you can’t do with CoBlocks. If you want some support I do have an Advanced class and a weekly student class which might be useful.

Geoff @ TechLeap

I do want to do it, but my schedule is packed with lots of other things, unfortunately.

UPDATE: I tried this with my gaming laptop and the frames stayed above like 50 FPS. Apparently, macs just suck using cospaces