Scripting-only features

Things you can do in Javascript/Typescript, using the CoSpaces API, which you can’t do in CoBlocks:


  • Make explosions - you can both explode (push away), and implode (pull towards, using negative values)




  • Smooth Path looping - need silky-smooth path looping? It’s built in to the moveOnPath function.

  • Change speeds between path points - this is useful when you want an object to travel along a path at a variable speed. See the speed, startPoint, and endPoint properties in the moveOnPath options parameter.

  • Move Item along Path in reverse - yes, you can now go backwards as well as forwards along a path! See the ‘reverse’ property in the moveOnPath options parameter.

  • Change built-in animation speed - for when you want your horse to run in slow-mo, or your dinosaur to dance faster.

This list will be updated regularly. Feel free to suggest additions.

Note: Scripting is a PRO feature of CoSpaces Edu.


Thank you these are amazing