Scripting-only features

Things you can do in Javascript/Typescript, using the CoSpaces API, which you can’t do in CoBlocks:


  • Make explosions - you can both explode (push away), and implode (pull towards, using negative values)




This list will be updated regularly. Feel free to suggest additions.

Note: Scripting is a PRO feature of CoSpaces Edu.


Thank you these are amazing

@techleapnz excellent idea to collect all the materials related to TypeScrips programming in a single post. @Tamara.Koehler , would it be possible to highlight it within the Coding space of the forum, perhaps without comments and only as a repository? This will help everyone, like me, that want to learn coding in TypeScript. Thank you, Giuseppe

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Hi Giuseppe,

That’s a lovely idea. I’ll relay this to the team :slight_smile:

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