How can me as the player see and carry something for my game?

I saw a project recently called “The walk into the abandoned Castle” And when I played it I saw that you can see you as the player holding a flashlight. Does anyone know how to do that?

Thank you

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Do you mean this post?


Dani Yubero

Thank you! That helped a lot, but in the screenshot I took when in “Play mode” you can see a character’s hand and and you can move around and still see it, I would like to do the same with the same/different object in a player’s hand. (Also sorry I’m not the best at explaining things.)

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Ok, now I know what you mean.
You need to attach the camera to a character, or make a group and move the camera to the desired position.

Another option, if any character fits well to your project, you can use an arm from sketchfab and amake a group eith the camera.

In adittion, you can create a dunction of “walking” where when you press W you change the animation to walk and move the arm up and down.

Hope now this helps you better.

Dani Yubero

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Also I’m really sorry to keep asking questions, but I did what you said to attach the camera to a character and it worked, but how can I make the character go wherever in the setting? For example, if I wanted the character to go into the kitchen and the character was in the living room how could I make the character go into the kitchen using WASD.

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