How to create clones and add code?

Im making a part of my game where you have to click on an object within a certain time frame. I need to make clones for it, how do I do that?

Hi, maybe the answers of @Giuseppe_Schiuma @techleapnz in another post which I link here can be useful to you. Another answer is from @techleapnz in the post: Help Creating Clones/Copies with Behaviors in CoBlocks

The search bar in the Form is very useful to find answers at our questions. :wink:

Good Luck :artist:

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I donโ€™t understand what they mean by โ€œuse the set variable blockโ€

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Hi @hello
I think these tutorials good be useful for you:
CoSpaces Tutorial: Working with variables
CoSpaces Properties
And of course the CoBlocks References Guide


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You can also use โ€˜fuctionโ€™ and parameter.

Here is my project.

If you press โ€˜spaceโ€™ key, then bullet is cloned and fly.